ZM Studios now books dancers from US, Canada, Australia and all EU countries at Divino – Ultraclub Macau.

Divino is the ultimate international ultra-club in Macau and the only true western-type Las Vegas-style gentlemen’s club in Asia. As a premier entertainment venue in Macau, Divino provides its customers with the ultimate in adult cabaret and a vast array of beautiful international dancers selected from around the world.

The club is conveniently located in the heart of Macau, in the world famous AIA Tower, amongst many new high-rise developments, shops, cafes, office buildings, banks & hotels and right across the Grant Emperor Hotel. Divino spreads on 8,000 square feet of world class entertainment. Spanning over 2 levels, Divino Macau creates a fresh, new atmosphere on each floor. The luxurious interior is inspired by European style with Chinese elements, with leather sofas and elegant sculptures, together with vibrant atmosphere and stunningly beautiful performers from all around the world. Divino Macau features over 40 beautiful entertainers daily and top-class pole dancers daily.

Divino’s patrons are wealthy businessmen, tourists, local bankers & financial & real estate brokers, celebrities & athletes. Many of the customers are Asian, but Divino also entertains guests from Australia, South America, and Arabic countries.

The main floor guests can watch entertainers dance on two separate stages, keeping the party going non-stop. Guests who make their way to the second level get to experience a more intimate setting in one of the VIP suites, with a beautiful private host waiting and an entertainer of their choice. This level also includes the much-acclaimed and famed VIP Party Room, with its own sound system and big-screen monitor to watch games or entertainment of choice.

Divino Macau is open 7 days a week, every night from 9 pm until 5 am.


The minimum term of contract is 3 months, or 78 working days. Dancers work 6 days per week.


The club has 2 stages. One stage show consists of dancing both stages, 2 songs per stage. The dancer will perform 3-4 stage shows per shift, and collect tips. All shows are topless. No nude dancing is allowed in any section of Divino entertainment complex.

All lap dances for customers are topless. Soft touching from the waist up is allowed during lap dance in the private dance area. Security personnel always monitor dancers’ and customers’ behavior through surveillance cameras in the private dance area. There are security cameras everywhere. No kissing, no contact is allowed in the crotch area. Any sexual service is strictly prohibited, and will lead to immediate termination of the contract.


Dancer should wear dancing costumes for the stage shows and sexy dresses on the main floor. Long dresses are preferred by the managements, but short dresses covering dancer’s buttocks are welcome as well. High heel shoes only are allowed.


Dancers earn their money on lap dances and commissions on drinks. The Dancers are guaranteed a minimum wage of USD 125 per every work day, plus 50% of the proceeds from lap dances and 20% commission on all drinks in excess of the guaranteed salary. Dancers don’t pay house fee. A high-end establishment and the only truly gentlemen’s club in Macau, Divino provides hard-working dancers who know how to hustle and pamper the customers, with the opportunity to earn lots of money.


Lap dances are $44 per song. The girl earns $22 per lap dance. Girls keep all tips from customers.


Drinking alcohol is not mandatory, however most of the clients in Asia will socially drink alcohol specially when entertaining their clients and they might prefer girls that could drink with them. Non-alcohol drinkers might find more difficult to earn commissions, but non alcoholic drinks are also available for entertainers. Dancers are paid 20% commission on any drink purchased for them by a patron.


Dancers purchase round-trip tickets on their own. Upon completion of a 3 month contract, (78 work days), the club reimburses up to $1,600 for airfares.


The club provides housing in fully furnished apartments, which provide large living area, fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities, cable TV and DVD players. 2 girls share 1 bedroom. Dancers pay monthly rent of USD 350. There are outdoor pool and modern gym in the building.


The club provides work visas for dancers from any nationality. Under Macau law, each dancer must obtain a work permit (Red Card) which is issued in Macau only. The dancer arrives in Macau as tourist and the club will apply for her license with the immigration service immediately after arrival. The dancer is allowed to start working legally immediately after the application, although the processing of the work permit may take few weeks. The work permit (Blue Card) is valid for 6 months and is renewable for unlimited period. The cost of the work permit / license is $150, and is payable by the club.


Dancers with tattoos and piercing are accepted. Club does not allow any type of sexual activities in the club. No kissing customers, no crotch-area touching, no oral sex. Dancers cannot leave the club with customers. After work, dancers are escorted by security to their cars or to the club’s vehicle transporting them home. Las Vegas style of operation. Out of work and on their own time, dancers are free to go and visit whatever they want and meet with whoever they want.

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