If you are young, talented and attractive female, you probably dream about moving to LA to become a movie or TV star. Maybe, you already moved to the City of Angels.

Sure you didn’t move or consider moving to LA to become a stripper. However, making it as an actress is hard and very expensive. Apartments in LA are very expensive, acting classes and headshots are expensive, even filling the tank to go to numerous castings is very expensive and very frustrating, because you rarely get a job.

Maybe you should consider moonlighting as an exotic dancer, not only to pay the bills, but to save enough money to take off the stress and the pressure. Maybe it is encouraging to know that many celebrities started as strippers – Lady Gaga, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Carmen Electra, Rachael Sterling, Tila Tequila,  Michelle Borth, etc, etc.

We offer you a dancing job in an upscale gentlemen’s club located minutes away from Venice Beach, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills. Friendly environment, great personnel, absolute safety, and absolutely no strings attached. You may work as many shifts as you want per week, you may choose between day, night and middle shifts, and you can leave anytime you like. If you just moved to LA and need a place to stay, the club will provide you with a cozy, comfortable and affordable apartment.

The club provides you with the opportunity to make great money. Please be advised that the job involves partial or full nudity for patrons’ entertainment in adult establishment. If you are in for it, contact us for details.


We book US citizens and permanent US residents at the gentlemen’s clubs Spearmint Rhino, 4Play, Bare Elegance. Clubs are open Sunday – Thursday from 11:30 am to 03:00 am and Friday – Saturday from 11:30 am to 04:00 am. Dancers choose whether to work dayshifts or nightshifts. Dancers are required to work at least 4 shift per week, 6 hours per shift. If the dancer wishes, she may work 5 or 6 days per week.


Dancers are considered independent contractors and clubs does not pay wages. Dancers earn all their money from lap dances and tips.

  • Topless dance is $30 per song (2.5 min)
  • Nude dance is $50 per song (2.5 min)
  • ½ hour VIP dance is $350 (touching above the waist allowed)
  • No alcohol served neither to girls nor to clients
  • Net earnings – $1,800 and up per week
  • House Fee Dancers pay the club a house fee of $20 per shift
  • Dancers pay the club 30% from all the dances sold to clients. For instance, if the girl made 5 topless dances, 5 nude dances, and 2 ½ hour VIP dances, she earned a gross of $900. At the end of the shift, the girl must pay the club $300 for the dances + $20 for the daily house fee, and will keep a net amount of $580.
  • Dancers keep all monies received as tips for dancing on the stage and received from clients for dances.

Dancers dance on stage 3-4 times per day on rotation basis, 2 songs per show. The dancer wears a dancing outfit or sexy lingerie during the first song, and strips off to fully nude for the second song.


Dancers purchase airfares on their own. Clubs do not credit airfares
Clubs provide housing at $125 per week. The rent includes utilities, cable TV, Wi-Fi and cleaning services. Apartments are fully furnished, with fully equipped kitchen. 2 bedroom apartments, 2 dancers share one bedroom.


Dancers pay the agency commission of USD 125 per week. The commission is paid to the club’s management along with the house fee.

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