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20 Reasons Why Fort Lauderdale Florida Is A Great Place To Live, Work And Play.

Looking for a comfortable place to live that is affordable and offers you not only job security but beautiful beaches and more fun than you can handle? Fort Lauderdale, Florida is the place you have to visit if you want all these things and more. I have 20 reasons why you should look at for moving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to live, work, and play.


When it comes to finding a comfortable place to live, affordability is key. Fort Lauderdale has become more affordable over the past five years, allowing you the opportunity to put your money towards other things. Add on a currency exchange that is favorable to foreign buyers and you have a recipe for success.

Top Market For International Buyers

No matter where you want to live in this state, Florida is the best for international buyers. Want to pick the best of the best? When you are looking for the top market as an international buyer, check out Broward County.

Fantastic Weather

Florida has some of the nicest weather in the world. Their average temperature all year round is 76 F/25 C. Even in the winter it stays nice and warm, averaging around 66 F/19 C. Add onto this beautiful weather the fact that you will see the sun for more than 3000 hours a year and this can be a tropical heaven for any international buyer, especially those in the northern regions and Canada.

Beautiful Beaches

Ready to enjoy the sun on a nice and relaxing beach? Florida is a little island paradise and Broward County lies along the Atlantic Ocean for 23 miles and has 300 miles of waterways you can navigate through at your leisure. In fact, this little county has been nicknamed “The Venice of America” because of all the great beaches you can enjoy.

Water Activities

No matter what you like to do in the water, this area is perfect for you. Whether you enjoy SCUBA, swimming, boating, snorkeling, fishing or just want to hang out by the water, you are going to find something for everyone.

The Boating Lifestyle

Broward County houses more than 42,000 pleasure crafts alone, making it the capital of yachting throughout the world. Also home to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.


No matter what lifestyle you enjoy, whether it is laid back, busy worker, professional sports, or a night with the arts, you can find in here.


This area has all the nightlife you would ever need. From the Hollywood Boardwalk to Las Olas you can visit all the hotspots and nightclubs just minutes from your home.


If you are a connoisseur of great tasting food, you must check out some of the best restaurants in the country. There are more than 4000 restaurants allowing you to enjoy anything and everything your heart desires. Want to try out something ethnic or a big steakhouse? Broward County has the restaurant for you.

World Class Shopping

Is shopping your therapy? Then Broward County is the place to visit. Whether you are a discount shopper and like to hit up the flea market or you want to go to a luxury shop, there is something for everyone when it comes to shopping in this area.
Gaming and Casinos— Whether you like to go out to the casinos as a date night or hit them more often, some of the best options are available right in your Florida backyard.

Commercial real estate

Broward County has some of the lowest vacancy rates in the nation, making this an ideal place to invest in real estate. Your buildings will be full helping you make a passive income while living in this beautiful area.
International Events—Fort Lauderdale is host to many international events to fill up your social calendar. Whether you want to see the latest in Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival or want to check out the great boat shows, there is something for everyone.


Worried that you won’t fit in living in this area? More than 30% of the residents in this county were born in a foreign country and it is possible to hear over 100 languages. No matter where you come from, this area is perfect for you to feel like home.

The Business Center

For Lauderdale is home to many diverse industries that help to keep its economy bustling. People from all business backgrounds, including insurance, finance, real estate, and more call Fort Lauderdale their home. More than 150 companies have their headquarters in this county, making this a great place to come and work or even to start your own business.


Wanting to come visit and check this place out or looking for a night out of the house? The hotels in Fort Lauderdale provide you with luxury you can’t find anywhere else. There is a wide range of options from modest comfortable locations to luxury resorts to fit your needs.

Travel Hub

People from all over the country come to Fort Lauderdale to take their vacation. In fact, there are more than 23 million people who travel to the area just by airline. International flights are prevalent with more than 40 destinations available out of the airport. This makes it easy to travel all over the world with just a few minute drive.

Cruising Around

Want to see more of the fantastic beaches in Florida? Fort Lauderdale is one of the best areas to go cruising. Also Port Everglades located in Greater Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood, Florida, is ranked second among cruise ports worldwide and has more home ported cruise ships than any other port.

Fort Lauderdale Cruise Terminal

Education— Brining your children along? It is important to move to an area with the top education for their needs. Broward County has the 6th largest school district in the county and you can pick from more than 280 schools. Private and public universities are also aplenty in this area, making it easy to provide a top quality education for your children.

Live and Work Top Places

There are several cities throughout Broward County that have been ranked, many times, in the top places to live, work, and play in the nation. This means the high quality standards are repeatedly met and you can’t find a better place to live in the whole country.

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